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In light of COVID-19 and to support the act of social distancing the physicians at Atlas Medical Clinic are now available for phone consultations during ALL business hours / 7 Days a Week. Please call us at the clinic or reach us by email to schedule your Virtual Appointment. You can also book your appointment online.

​OHIP Covered - Ontarians with a valid OHIP card can book Virtual Appointments without having to pay additional fees.

If you don't have a valid OHIP card, you can still book a Virtual Appointment, however, fees may apply.

Phone: 905-918-3560         

Email: atlasmedicalclinic88@gmail.com

Online Booking

Please note:
- Phone consults are not suitable for emergencies or appointments that require a physical exam.
- The incoming call may be coming from a blocked number. Please temporarily change your phone settings to allow incoming calls from a blocked caller ID.

- The clinic is still open for in-person appointments. As a reminder, if you have respiratory symptoms please contact us prior to coming into the clinic. 


What do I need to prepare for the phone consult?
Simply have access to the telephone number you have provided to the clinic as your mode of contact and be ready to receive the call at the appointment time.

Are video consults also an option? What preparation is required for a video consult?
Video consults are available for rostered/registered patients of Dr. Susan Ngo only. For video consults, you will need a smart phone, tablet or computer, internet access and a valid email address.

What is the duration of the phone consult?
The duration of the phone consult will be dependent on the nature of the call. However, most calls are addressed within 15 minutes.

Will the doctor call me right at the scheduled time?
Our physicians make every effort to call you at the appointed time. However, due to variability of phone consult duration please be prepared to receive the call within a 15 minute window of your scheduled appointment time.

Is consultation available in any other language?
Yes. Dr. Xuan Wang is able to provide phone consults in Mandarin. Please make sure to identify your language requirement when calling the clinic to book your appointment.